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Quick survey of the old tongs in my heap out back


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All this chat about welded reigns got me curious about the ones that I had picked up last summer.  I believe that only one pair of pickup tongs out there didn't have welded on reigns.  And they were fairly crudely made from long piece of rod that had been threaded at one end during it's life.  What I found interesting is the welded  on reigns for the one farrier tool (pull off tongs maybe google fu is weak )   Anyways it's quite an assortment of welds and finished quality of the tongs.  One reign is broken but it is a little ways back from the weld.











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As most people know who've looked at old tongs know, welding reins is and was the most common form of construction. The quality of the welds shows a " get'er done " approach that is so often necessary when trying to make a living as a real blacksmith.


Wonder what that pair with the right angle jaw was made for ? 

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Yeah I know.  Shows how we all get caught up in the better than the Jones and more perfect tool.  When really at the end of the day it's all about getting the job done.  Though we all have to admit it sure is nice to work with good tools.  As for the right angle tongs maybe someone else has an answer.

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