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Kansas: Hay Budden & Vanadium

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Snagged some pictures at my father-in-law's shop.  The little guy is easy to identify, but I'd like to narrow down the range on the Hay Budden if possible.

  • Under the horn there is a '2' on both sides of a square hole
  • The side of the heel is stamped '43'
  • The serial no. appears to start '16718....'
  • Under the manufacturer's stamp, it is marked '1 1 8'


Ideas / follow up questions?  I'd love to get a closeup of the complete SN from the foot, but it's fairly well covered by a piece of angle iron.  Ditto goes for turning it over and finding out what kind of depression it might have.


In any case, as far as we know this family may be the sole owner of the Hay Budden.  My FIL remembers his dad mentioning it had been around as long as -he- could remember, e.g. it possibly started out with my FIL's grandfather.

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HB's are labeled in pounds so thats 118,  Postman believes that your "2"s are inspectors marks   The 43 was probably applied by one of the owners sometime in the last 100 years. Unless it on the opposite side of the body from the trademark and weight and you have a monolithic top---no applied plate then it may be a heat number for the steel mill run---though one of the ones he has recorded is 046 but mentions they may be 2 digits.


The serial number is 1895 if 5 digit and 1909 if 6 digit  What does the bottom look like does it have the thick or thin walled hourglass?  A thin or worn away hourglass would point toward the 5 digit number and a applied plate face.

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That is a fairly easy anvil to identify. HB's with a stamp (43) on the heel and with that shape were made after 1908 and are of the 2 piece variety. The whole top half is tool steel.

Postman is very clear in this regard. I have several similar Hay Buddens. Nice anvil.

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