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  1. Any ideas, or just some random junk?
  2. I've got the 4.5" grinder ( Harbor Freight special for a one-off project a couple of years ago ). Just learned about flex back sanding disks based on your post here. Hurray! I used a flap wheel for the rough leveling I needed to attach that chunk of 2x12. And no guff out of you boys, or I'll make you run the ditto machine with the door shut
  3. I have a close-enough solution for now. No wobble, MUCH quieter, and should last while I continue to figure out what I'm doing.... Thanks for all the friendly advice!
  4. Watching you with that sledge makes me feel old. Nice work!
  5. I should mention; I don't have a belt sander, router, or anything much more significant than battery-powered saw-and-drill.
  6. I've shown my work-in-progress for the floor-side of my new anvil stand, but I'm at a loss how to level the portion facing the anvil. Thoughts?
  7. D H B

    Can't Stop Me!

    The small trailer available nearby is from Northern, not HF. And it's pre-built, and for less than Northern would cost. But again, ran the fun-money down into the red, so it'll be a while before that's an option again. And you all are right, people don't seem to want to tailgate me for some reason....
  8. D H B

    Can't Stop Me!

    All in all, it's my least unsafe option. If they made a trunk-top rack I definitely would have preferred that, though it would look even more insane than my current setup. There's a small trailer for sale at a great price nearby, but I tapped out the Fun Budget through about July. Yeah, I just need to get a truck when the wheels fall off this thing.
  9. D H B

    Can't Stop Me!

    Yup. Carrier is 500lb limit, tongue weight is 200lb limit. Carrier is 29lb, wood about 15lb. 50lb tank will never weigh more than 85-90 full. So! I'm pretty comfortable with 60+ pound margin. Thanks for thinking of gotchas, I'm pretty new at this.
  10. D H B

    Can't Stop Me!

    Drove around with the anvil strapped on at about 70mph for about 45 mins while running errands today, just to see how warm the frame / wood / anvil got. Temps were fine, but I'm probably going to add 3/4" plywood with steel flashing on the back just to make myself feel better. Good tip on the taillight; I thought of the license plate but not the other. With the ratchet straps attached to the child safety ISOFIX/LATCH points in the trunk and/or a balanced load, blocking the taillight shouldn't be a problem as the load will stay vertical. Definitely will want to move to a trailer when I can find a good deal, but the rack was a ton cheaper. Appreciate the advice! -dh.
  11. To anybody following along: ended up with a very good deal on the Benetech GM1650 . Doesn't take a thermocouple, but for the price I'm not complaining
  12. I have a tiny car and a 50lb propane tank. Solved, should be okay with NFPA and ODOT ( bungies were just for fit ). Tomorrow's project, work on that log, add some scrap lumber, and mount the anvil.
  13. That seem like almost exactly what I'm looking for, and the price certainly sounds attractive I was looking at the Benetech GM1650 , but I'm not certain it has the ability to take a thermocouple. @ianinsa : sent you a PM, and thanks!
  14. Thanks for the discussion, everyone. So far the winner is an al2o3 thermowell, then measuring the inside surface of that thermowell with an IR gun. Any recommendations on a particular IR gun?
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