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coal forge hood

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That looks really nice.


2 thoughts for you:


You get less benefit from a 10" stove pipe when it is "squished" from circular. A 10" circle has an area of 78.5 sq in. An ellipse of 6 2/3" by 3" (identical circumference), for instance, is 62.8 sq in. I can't guess the dimensions of your exit, but it's probably actually an even smaller cross section to my ellipse.


Your opening where the smoke is drawn in is 149.5 sq in. A typical design goal is to have the opening no bigger (in area) than the smallest cross section of your chimney. That keeps the draft velocity next to the smoke high to "suck" it in. A lazy draft may not pull smoke from the far side of the fire well and may fall behind temporarily when you add air to the fire.

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Looks great but I'm afraid it isn't deep enough front to back. Don't ask me how I know. If it were I making this I'd keep everything you've done so far the same except increase it's depth to about 14". I know this works and you can ask me how I know :)

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Greetings TJ,


I was waiting for Doc to chime in and agree with my feelings... Yep it has to be bigger..  I would also consider the oval to a 10 in round adaptor..   Another thing I would consider is a flip up over the fire area.   Great welding and an easy fix...  Keep up the great work...


Forge on and make beautiful things


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The welds are Gmaw L-56. My forge isn't very big so I basically designed the chimney to fit and bolt around the edges. All guess work so far to see what works. Here's a pic after mounting. Tested the draw and it was ok but I'll see what it does with a full session tomorrow. Just added the anvil pic for the heck of it .



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I would make the tapered sides wider at the top,probably about 12 inches. The back would be left vertical. This way you wouldn't impede access from the side to the fire too much, it would overhang your fire better, be able to have the opening be round to fit your chimney pipe. I really believe that would help your chimney work better.

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