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Productive weekend - tongs,hold downs, turning forks, nail header, punches

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Got to spend some much needed time at the forge this weekend and got to make a few of the tools on my wish list.


I made 4 different pairs of tongs, increasing my total count from 9 to 13. I made 2 differnt style of tongs for flat stock, 1 for round I can use for holding punches, and a pair for rivets.


Here's a shot of the group.




Flat stock tongs made from 1/2 round A36.




Round stock / punch tongs, made from 1/2 round A36.



Flat stock tangs, drawn out from 5/8" A36.




Rivet tongs made from 7/16 round A36.




I also made a couple pf hold downs.


The first was made from 3/4" round. I had made one previously but drew it out too thin and it had to much spring. This one locks tight.




I added some grooves to help its gripping power. This may be common but haven't seeit before. It'll hold round stock nicely which has casue me problems before.




This other hold down is something I had toyed with but not finished. Its simply a piece of angle I cut a notch into and heated and then flattened. It has a 1/4" rod with a hook bent into welded to the bottom I hook a chain onto and a piece of stock to step on to provide tension. I can rotate it different ways and it will hold a variety of shapes. Still some room for improvement but it works well.




Here it is hold my other hold down to show how it works.





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Hare are teh adjustable turning forks, 3/4" round welded to angle iron.




and them already put to use making the bends for tongs.




I also repaired the 5160 nail header I had made previously this week. I drew the handle out too thin, wasn't thinking and quenched it and snapped it off, so I welded on a mild steel handle. The header is sized for 1/4" sq stock.




I forgot to get pics of the punches made from 5/8" round 4140. Maybe later. I did use one for making the rivet hole in a couple of the tongs.




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And the final pic - at least for now...


This weekend also marks my 1 yr anniversary since I started smithing. I finaly felt I was ready to mark my work so today's tools all got marked. Simply my intials, no custom touchmark but this for me is a milestone of sorts in my smithing journey.





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