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Christmas presents

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I know it's crude looking, but I wanted to try a few different techniques that I have been studying and thinking about. The knocker is a spike that has been drawn out. The bird/eagle head at the pointy end was an accidental afterthought. When I finished the curves on the knocker I realized that the point end looked kind of bird-like. I realized after the fact that I should do the animal head, or any other fancy stuff BEFORE the curves are put in.

The top was an attempt at a one-piece fleur-de-lis.

Door_Knocker_2.JPG Door_Knocker_1.JPG

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I think it is a very nice idea, and it looks good! Is the back piece drawn from rectangular stock (it appears to be 1/4 x 1-1/2)? Could you describe the details on how you did the pivot point?

I also made a door knocker for Christmas using two spikes, striking head to head, but no animal features. For a pivot, I split one spike, drew out the two tails and formed a heart shape, with the two ends bearing in holes punched into the sides of the other spike.

Advanced reviews by family and friends have been positive, but I like yours.

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The back is 1/4x1.5 bar stock. The pivot is a scrap piece of 1/8" plate that I cut into a cross or + sign. I bent the two sides to match the thickness of the knocker plus a hair. The pivot is riveted top and bottom to the back with 1/8" rivets and the knocker pivots on a cutoff piece of 5/32 drill bit shank. The bottom of the knocker hits right over the bottom screw hole, and yes Bentiron, I will give them some blackened screws:D.
Using an idea I read about in the blueprints, I used a thin cardboard shim on one side of the knocker that burnt out, allowing a little play in the knocker swing.

When I asked my wife to hold it and said "nice knocker, huh?" she only smiled a little:rolleyes:

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