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Hi all, have not been on for a long time so hope all are well, this topic may and probably has been explained before but can anyone explain to me the actual difference and process it takes to get coke from coal.. My understanding is coke is refined coal. But how do they refine it Thankyou  

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Making coke from coal is quite like making charcoal from wood.  You can do it in a fire---blacksmiths actually forge with coke even if they start with coal; or you can do it in a retort/oven/furnace.  The general process is to heat it up in an oxygen deprived environment driving off the volatiles and some of the contaminants without burning up all the carbon left.


As the volatiles are quite nasty and it's difficult to work with in an coke oven scenario blacksmiths usually either make it in the forge as they go along and burn the escaping volatiles or buy "professionally made" coke.  Some smiths will pre-coke a lot of coal for special projects where they know they will use a lot but don't want to do it around the metal they are working  (knifemakers in particular)

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