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Stia Italy Conference

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The street exhibition in Stia Italy Conference. The them was '' the beauty of light''

The competition took 3 days from 7 in the morning to 11 in the night every 3 hours the competitor had to stop and change. The where 8 forging stations and around 120 works were forged.

My student Kheir Aker won the first prize

Photos posted in the IForgeIron Gallery > Blacksmithing Events > Stia Italy Conference
more photos to be posted later.

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Congratulations to you and to Kheir. Looks like an interesting competition.

"stop and change"? by this do you mean stop working on the forge they were working on and let someone else forge, so a 3 hour limit on what was forged. or after 3 hours they were to go onto another project that another smith worked on. A collaborative effort. from the math it seems as if each had their own project.

Which piece is Kheir's in the gallery? For some reason I'm thinking it is the railing section. IMG_4208.JPG

And how were the leaves and stems attached in this rose? I can't quite see the detail IMG_4189.JPG

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The Photo's That Are Posted Here Are Not From The Competition!!
They Are From The Street Exhebition Thet Was In The Main Street Of Stia And The Center Park In The Towen.
The Foto's From The Competition Will Be Posted Hopfully Very Soon.
Every Participent In The Competition Had 3 Hours To Finish His Project.if Not Finished On Time He Was Kiked Out From The Competition And His Work Was Not Counted.
There Was Also Groop Of 2 -4 Smith All Together 120 Projects.
The Steel Was Suplied By The Orgenisers You Could Have A Helper Or A Striker But No Air Hammer Allowed.
Fantastic Conference

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Thank you Hofi. These are some beautiful pieces. Might have to get a passport finally just to some see a show of that caliber sometime. Thank you for the clarification of the work. Awaiting the pictures from the actual competition now. Thanks for taking the time to share them with us.

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There Is Some Misunderstanding And I Want To Clear It Up
Ther Are 4 Sections Of Foto's Sent
1 The Steet Show Exhebition
2 The Comepition
3 The Winner Of The Competition With Me And The Winning Sculptuer
4 All The Window Railing And The Other Forged Things Ars In Florence And Not In Stia.
Stia Is A Very Small Town
The Window Railing That I Hold With My Hand Is 800 Years Old Forged Out Of
11/8'' Round Wroght Iron -it Is Just Un Beliveable To Hold A Railing Like This In Your Hand.

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