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I Forge Iron

First time using a coal forge

Robert Mayo

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Up till now all my experience forging has been with propane. My wifes uncle gave me a portable buffalo forge with a hand crank blower. I want to give charcoal a try so i bought 2 20lb bags of lump hardwood charcoal.
I put some penetrating oil in the oil hole on the blower and it seems to work good. What type of oil should i use for general maint?
Should i make a hood for it there are brackets to hold one?
Any info that would help me get going would be greatly appreciated!
Here are a couple of photos of the forge.

Thanks Bob



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Nice forge! I use 30wt oil in all my blowers but have seen folks use a mix of trany oil and 30wt. I use a friends forge last month at a demo and he had put bar & chain oil in his blower. I didn't really like the bar/chain oil as it seemed to make the blower harder to crank. A hood is nice but not a necessity. Sometimes I wish mine had a shield of some sorts and I always say..."I WILL have a shield before I do my next demo." but still no shield, always a good idea at the time.

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I use 30wt with a couple TBSP of Duralube to a quart mixed in. I add a couple TBSP of Duralube to my chainsaw bar oil too and it keeps the chain running cool enough I usually don't have to do the after warmup tension adjustment.

Anyway, Nice forge. A hood or shield is a nice thing but not so necessary. Is the table and cart "factory" or a later mod? If it's a mod, It looks well done. My main complaint about rivet forges is the lack of table space.


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I have a hood on my trailer forge for 2 reasons. #1 is that it keeps the wind from blowing across the fire and burnin up my fuel ( coal or charcoal ). # 2 is that I have a shade for seeing the fire. I use 30 wt Phillips MM ( non detergent ) oil in blowers. Works well below zero to 100 degrees above.

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