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I Forge Iron

Natural Gas Forge and RR anvil.

Jim Erickson

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Hello everyone, just taking a minute to show a video of my natural gas forge and my rr track anvil that I have built.  I just recently got the bug to start moving metal around and this is what I have came up with to start.  I didnt want to drop alot of money to start with in case I didnt enjoy smithing, but even the process of building my equipment has been fun so far.  Gonna start working on my first set of tongs if it ever warms up.  It was -23 when I shot this video this morning here in Fargo, ND.


Any comments on what I could do to improve my forge would be greatly appreciated.  Im working on a door/porch for the front.  Im not quite sure how to fit square fire bricks into a round hole, but Im sure I'll figure something out.


This place has been a great resource for reading and getting ideas.  Thank you everyone for all that you share and I hope to show some pictures of what I have made in the near future!

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Build a porch and stack firebricks in front of the opening---you can stack them to allow as big a gap as needed for the project you are working on!


One handy tool I made was a pair of hot firebrick tongs so I can safely and easily move the opening firebricks around during forging when I want to or need to change the door configuration.  I repurposed a very large and ugly pair of nippers---very large as the end was easy to forge to hold a firebrick, old as they were wrought iron with steeled ends.  Didn't have long handles either.

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