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Hello from Asheville


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Hi! Thought I should say an offical greeting here to!  As a newbie to the blacksmithing world this is a pretty cool forum.  Just a little about me and blacksmithing perhaps...?  So "nessesity is the mother of invention" I hear and well, though I don't get to have that notoriety of inventing the art,  I started into this with the need for hooks to fit the coat rack that I made for my wife several months ago.  "If I can't find a hook I like then dangit I'm gonna make one" was pretty much how it went.  With a brieft and distant memory from metals shop in high school and the good ol'  places such as you tube and anvilfire, here I am now drooling over the next project and other peoples anvils!  I'm sure if your reading this I will be asking you a thousand questions that have already been asked as well as the other thousand that I forgot I already asked.  Thanks and see ya around! 


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Asheville has a very active blacksmithing community.  Check out NCCA.  You can go to www.abana.org then click on affiliates, then affiliates list.  Plan to come to the March meeting at the Oak Hill Blacksmith Shop in Morganton, NC.  We start getting there about noon on Friday for the big party.  I then spend the night in the shop and am ready for the meeting the next day.  In some years there have been 10 or so people camp in the shop.

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