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You'll never guess it from the title, but I've got a post vise that I can't identify, and I thought one of ya'll might enjoy the challenge and be able to tell me who made it and when-ish.


About 45 lbs I think, 4 inch jaws. Mystery markings on one leg appears to say "peter beach" or something similar, the other I can't make out even after rubbing with confectioners sugar (we're out of flour, it's the holidays, don't ask.)


Maybe it's a partial Frankenstein's monster? I dunno. Definitely unsure about all the washers behind on one end, but one of my cardinal rules with machinery is if ya buy it, and it works well, clean it up, but don't reconfigure it. It had been sitting on the ground out in the elements for about 15 yrs when I picked it up, and with a little cleaning and grease, works well. (I will probably clean the grease out of the threads and change it for wax or something later so it doesn't pick up filings etc.)


Since I work outside, may hit it with the wire brush and paint it black too. I know it breaks with tradition, especially the "watch out for paint hiding flaws" rule, but I like this thing and want it to last.


Anyways, thanks for the help! Nbs



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