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In energy per lb, coke is less dense it has more since coke is just coal with the volitiles burnt off.  That's a check in the btu's per pound. On the flip side, coal will "coke" up enabling a 'smith to build a "behive" making more effecient use of a smaller fire ball.

I much prefer to use coal.  That's just my thought.  My suggestion, get a little of each and try them both. 

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It is all about BTUs or the amount of heat produced. 


Small stock takes a small fire and big stock takes a big fire. You MUST build a fire to heat the stock you are working, no matter how much fuel (BTUs) you use. For instance you can like a single match and heat up thin wire to a temperature it can be forged. You can not light a single match at a time and heat up 1 inch stock. You need more heat (fuel) than a single match at a time can provide.


Two gallons of coke, then two gallons of coal, and you can prove to yourself which works better for you at your location, and in YOUR forge. Micromanaging the process is good but the bottom line is you still need to build a fire in your forge. If you make and sell widgets, the customer is buying a widget, not the number of heats it takes to make a widget.  Fuel is actually one of the less expensive items in making a widget or anything else at the forge.

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