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1st and second tongs

amateur blacksmith

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you are on your way. The important part of tong making is 2 fold. first proportions are important Glenn posted charts of the measurement for tongs (that will help). The second is making good clean transitions from the jaws to the boss to the reins. Your second pair shows improvement from the first make 10 more and you will have it. using one size stock works but you will get better looking tongs if you draw down your reins. Keep at it

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Good Morning,


just a suggestion;

Before you start the tongs, upset the material so you have more material for the hinge area. That is the area that takes all the force, reinforce it.


They are better than my first pair, Learn from each of sets of tongs you make.


First = Function. Do they do what you want?

Second = Make them NICE. Make sure there is material to support the transition from hinge to jaw and hinge to reins. It is better to leave more than  less. Draw the reins out in a gradual taper. square/rectangle section, break the edges (NO SHARP EDGES).  Draw the reins out 3" at a time and finish that 3" before moving to the next 3" (It is easier to control your work).

Third = Don't work them cold, they will crack.

Fourth = Save your first few sets of tongs. Don't sell them or throw them away. Keep them so you know where you have progressed to!!


Enjoy the journey, there is no point of tracking time. :) :)



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