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My first set of tongs


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Finally finished my first pair of tongs, my first real tool actually. These started out as a simple pair of flat tongs from 1"x1/4" mild flat bar with the 2 90 degree twists, but I modified the jaws to hold rr spikes or bars.


They actually line up better than what is pictured but the temporary bolt I'm using lets them move a little. I drilled the hole since I don't have a pritchell (sp?) hole yet.


Riveting is next. I probably could have done them more efficiently, I got about 5 hrs total into these, but I learned a lot and fun while making them. Quite a bit of just looking at them and figuring.

They came out better than expected for my first real project.

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great for first job :)  On this I want to point out something for next time,  looking at the bottom photo, on the top riegn, about half inch to the left of the bolt/rivet.  I see a sharp indentation on the reigns.  This is a stress point.  Over time leading to a break after heavy use, if you can smooth that transition out next time, you will avoid that problem, the rest looks first rate.


I wish my first pair of tongs looked that good, Mine were scrapped out, and again with my next pair :(  until my 3rd pair was finally usable.   you did well

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Greetings Norin,


Job well done...  As Steve said watch the stress points...  A little less hoop on the business end would be better..  I prefer on the reigns to forge them round and than flatten to an oval...  Much better on the hands... All and all they will serve you well..   Keep up the great work..


Forge on and make beautiful things


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