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Favorite or Most use Treadle Hammer tool

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Recently finished Treadle Hammer(Clay Spencer type in line) wondering what your favorite tool or most used tool for the Treadle Hammer. Made a  hot cut, have quite a few tools to use on the anvil but they seldom work good in a Treadle Hammer.. Our most of your tools handheld?? Or do you have them in the "hardy cut out"in the Treadle Hammer?? And I realize a lot of tooling depends  what type of forging you doing. Pictures if you got  them?

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Greetings Bob,


Favorite...  Now that's a loaded question....   I guess the 1/2 moon flatter...  I have a whole bunch of  trick tools .. I guess it depends on what you want to do..

I like making tools that interchange with my flypress...   I will include a few pictures of a hammer head fixture that I use for small forge welding and items that require a concentrated blow...   What do you want to make and I probably have a tool that can help..


Forge on and make beautiful things




post-30666-0-77391100-1383777056_thumb.j         post-30666-0-04874100-1383777118_thumb.j         post-30666-0-59237900-1383777171_thumb.j

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Since I typically work alone, I built my treadle hammer to more or less approximate using conventional top tools with a striker and a sledge. The TH anvil has the same size hardy hole as my shop anvil so I can use bottom tools but in common use, I have a flat plate on top most of the time.

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