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I Forge Iron



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Rose probably did every smith .. certainly forged from a single piece of metal high skill. but I like it. sdelanaja of 3 pancakes. Metal thickness 2 mm diameter each of 5-6 mm less than the previous
pancake divide into 5 pieces of petals.

sorry for the poor quality photo


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Greetings Bruin,


Very nice job...  I love the thorns on the rose stems...  True to nature with your personal spin.   Is the tall vase copper tube?   How did you retain the red color?    Your attention to detail shows in the final product...   Over the top ...


Forge on and make beautiful things


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Now take a silver patina. or chromium. we need to create a white background (I call it "watercolor effect" watercolor paint on a white canvas. which shines through the paint and shows the depth of color)
short stiff brush or a piece of sponge. dunks in the paint and put it on the palette. The brush should be semi-dry. and short movements, barely touching the metal ( as if we remove dust ) paint our flower.



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