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log splitter

TJ Smith

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Greetings Gents,


TJ...    Hydraulics don't care about distance...  Look at the line length on an excavator..   If you have a tractor with hydraulics you could put quick change fittings on the splitter and plug her in.


Dodge....   Most splitters require at least 5hp engine  ...   A 5hp electric motor would require a bunch of juice and is quite sizeable.. 


Now that you mention a splitter inside ..  Not this time of year but in the spring people sell the 3 point splitters cheap...  HUMMMMM..  IDEA..


I hope this helps someone..


Forge on and make beautiful things.


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I put a 3 hp 240 volt moter and a 11gpm pump on mine.  Works great. 3 hp electric equals 5 hp gas

 I like this and don't forget many a blacksmith has built a hydraulic press with a 5 hp motor! Draws no more current than a 5 hp motor on a wood splitter ;)

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Thanks guys.

Just another idea.
I am working with a 20 ton air over hyd jack mini press . It works. But always trying to have better and faster equipment..

Probably would be better if I made knives instead of equipment.

Ok where's that craigslist at.

Take Care


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