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Sculpting Hands

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I have the worst time trying to sculpt metal hands. Any type...from human hands to "creatures and monsters".

I'd like them to look more "realistic", or at least that they look like they are used for holding items, and not just twisted metal on the end of an arm.

I am trying to experiment with forks (the utensils). But there's only so many forks I can steal without getting in trouble at home.


---Does anyone have educational resources or examples for me to look at...?

---Or is there a source for metal cast hands out there? A company that could take a concept and cast up quantities for use in my projects?




Jax, FL











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Wow, Dillon. THat guy is a wizard! Thanks for sharing!


I have often consulted drawing instructional books on the human form and even specifically, "hands" available in artist supply and hobby stores. The beginner books (and the advanced ones as well) have step by step images that helped me with position, angles and attitudes (my descriptions; I'm sure there are actual technical terms...)

Hope this is helpful

Invoice for 2¢ in the mail :)



PS Dillon: Just viewed your site. Very nice work!

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Best examples are usually attached to the end of your arm...  LOL



One thing I had trouble with in my drawing class was hands. A key bit of information my instructor gave me was to look at the proportions of the parts of the hand. Looking at your palm, the fingers look to be equal to that of the palm itself roughly. However note that that is only really the case if the hand is wide open. If you have your hand partially closed, the "fingers" actually extend back roughly 1/4 of the way across the palm. That's because the knuckle on the back of your hand falls in that location, and that's where there is a "crease" in the palm corresponding to those knuckles. It shows up better on the back of your hand because of the knuckles. Same goes with the thumb. The "thumb" doesn't stop at the palm like many draw it. It goes all the way to the wrist.



I kept drawing this "plate" with "stick" fingers attached. That's fine for very rough drawing, but if you don't have the fingers extend back into the "plate" and get the proportions right, it looks all wonky. Once I started really looking at the hand, my drawings improved, but they still need a lot of work.

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I can't offer much in the way of drawing advice, but if you want a readily replenishable substitute for forks as hand models you can twist 5 wires together and fan them out at the end and use that to model your gestures. You can save them as you go along and pick the ones you like best to use for your full size project

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