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  1. I posted 12 pics of some stuff I've made...starting with this image: '> and ending with this image: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> :-)
  2. pcollins

    Tortured Heart

    © Collins and Son, LLC

  3. pcollins

    Flower Vase

    © Collins and Son, LLC

  4. pcollins

    Jewelry Holder

    © Collins and Son, LLC

  5. pcollins


    © Collins and Son, LLC

  6. © Collins and Son, LLC

  7. pcollins

    My Motobike

    Machine guns, "rust", Zombie blade, etc... Looks nothing like the original bright green KLR650 thumper.

    © Collins and Son, LLC

  8. pcollins

    Zombie Blade 1.0

    © Collins and Son, LLC

  9. © Collins and Son, LLC

  10. pcollins

    Nails in My Heart

    © Collins and Son, LLC

  11. pcollins

    Cherrywood Box

    © Collins and Son, LLC

  12. pcollins

    Zombie Blade 1.0

    © Collins and Son, LLC

  13. Thanks all.... this looks like a very cool "family" I'm working on getting some pics up. The Dingo found a possum under the house and I've been tunnel-ratting with welder's gloves to get it out. :-) Phil
  14. I was asked by Dillon to introduce myself. I am consumed by self-doubt but here it is... I live in Jax, FL where the winters are only about a month long and it's nice and hot and humid the way I like it. I've been working with wood for about 20 years. One day someone gave me a free beat to crap scarred anvil...so I built a propane forge and a small coal forge and started banging on metal. Went to the Florida Artist Blacksmith Association (FABA) conference about four years ago (and again this year) and just burned up everyone's ears asking questions. Life changing to me. I can work with metal and lose myself and then around 2pm wonder why I have the shakes and realize I haven't eaten anything since 5am. My blacksmith skills are not the greatest. I usually forge to complement an element of my metal scultures. That's part of why I came to this website...to learn more. I could cruise this website for hours. My little company is slow going but I've received some good comments on what I do so far. Every time I think I am good I look at Robert Noekle or David Ponsler or Jason Pidcock's stuff (or anyone else on here) and think "I am not worthy" :-) It's good inspiration to me to see the high levels of work that other people can do. I usually put some music on and start to draw on a sheet of metal or stare at some helicopter or car parts and start to put together a sculpture. Sometimes it comes out the way I want it. Sometimes I throw it in the corner and maybe pick it up again months later with new ideas. My dingo Pinduli guards my tools and chases lizards while I am working. I've replaced my homemade propane forge with a Diamondback two burner forge after asking the advice from Jeff Olson with Olson Ironworks. It rocks. I use a simple Hobart Handler MIG welder, a Thermadyne Cutmaster 42 plasma cutter, my Chambersburg 100# hammer, and various other equipment. I really like to make things that are unique and "weird". Opening up my workshop in the back and smelling wood and burned metal and old incense calms me as much as skateboarding and surfing. That's about it. Phil Jax, FL www.collinsandson.co