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The knives are nice but I have to say what a neat fullering tool you made.. (looked at your website..heh heh heh) that is SPIFFY...what radii are you using and is the bottom fuller removable??

I went to using my flypress for fullers last year and man it works great but that fullering set up you concocted is really NICE...looks like it could be easily made in a couple of hours..it looks like it would really do the job...Interesting indeed...


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Hi Jph,

Thanks for the kudos. The fullering tool has 3/8" round rod for the upper and lower radius pieces, but you could make them any radius you want by scaling the size of the tool and rods up or down as required. When the jaws are closed, the upper rod lies directly over top of the bottom rod and they are in a fixed position. The only adjustments on the tool are the back guage to set the distance the fuller is in from the edge of the steel (controlled by the threaded rod length adjustment) and the t-bolt on top adjusts the height that the jaws open. The jaws are spring loaded so the height adjustment stops the jaws from opening too far between hits with the hammer. I have used the tool a few times and it does work but I need a to learn a bit more hammer control to perfect the results. You are correct that the tool can be easily made in a few hours.

I mainly make blades and since I've made this tool I've found easier ways to fuller the blade with a rounded lathe bit tool that is dragged down the blade in a draw knife like fashion.

If you have any more questions, just ask.

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