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Smokin' a troy-bilt


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I let the smoke out of my little generator and now find myself in a fix. How does one go about getting this dude repaired? Troy-Bilt kept referring me to the same 'service centers' as on their web site. :rolleyes: every last one fixes the gas motor, NOT the generator. It being Saturday, there aren't any electric shops open around here so I'll wait til Monday and explore that option.

What other avenues might I explore?

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Apparently it was, rthibeau, 2 of us working off of it. Me welding and Asa running grinders and sawzall. :0 first time I tried that.

Those are some good alternates folks, thanks, and keep them cards and letters coming. ;)

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It does have a circuit breaker on the outside, but now there is a bunch of smoke out there as well. I don't think there is anything internal.

I am going to pull it today to look for brown spots. Who knows what I might find. I did get a number for a fellow here in town who is capable and works out of his garage. He has done a lot of motors for my friend.

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