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It's Monday

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No it's Friday but it sure feels like a Monday! What a day!


I haven't forged in over ten months as the forge is too close to the house and not good for baby. I run a recycled veg oil forge and it's LOUD. So today, after two weeks of cleaning nozzles that stood for ten months and getting everything ready I light up the forge to do some desperatly needed creation and the compressor valve is broken. So I shut down everything, jump in the car and go to town to get new ones and when I get home I crack the regulator by tightening the nut to tight. So off I am in the car again to buy a new reg but no luck so I spend three hours trying to fined a CO2 welder to weld it, get it welded, get back and it's not leaking - all well and start forging again. Ten minuts later - POP - the regulator cap comes off - broken clean off. Back in the car - get a smaller reg with a reducer to make it fit - get home and put it all back together and it's 2H30 and the baby is sleeping - no more forging today.


When it rains it pours - all in all I spent 30 mins behind the forge today - men don't cry but damm I feel close to tears right now - all I can do is stare at my new post vice and plan my new workshop.

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