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Probably new style tongs


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As i have the goal to achieve the goal to make a tong (one day) which is good enough to sell to get myself the award of a stylized tattoo, i trained and played around with tong for a while now.

Especially when i lost my favourite spring steel tong i made a long while ago and served me well.


I always loved wolf jawish tongs as they can grab stuff sideways.... but the different diameter arent kept that strong and have the oppurtunity to bounce in the jaw.

First i thought about shortening one jaw to get a smaller surface on the upper part holding strong against the jaw beyond.

But this would only work with a pretty small amount of stock.

The tongs i have lost was a bit like Pelgroms tong but a bit shorter jaws to achieve more grabbing power. I loved them as they are so multi purposed, but couldn't handle stock sideways.


So i decided to mix both up and form something like a egg-laying-wool-milk-pig.

It's just a prototype out of mild steel but works pretty good so far... takes 8mm round stock to 22 mm square stock propper straight and rectangular.




The next set will have the rectangular gap a bit more centered and the bow will also end round about in the middle.

The evacuation of the rectangular gaps are volitional to grab the different stock sizes.


the upper jaw is slight aslope to get a small surface area.


Maybe there are already those tongs out there, and i did all the thinking for nothing, but it was fun anyway.


and i finaly did my first set of flat jaw tongs also:






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Hallo Hannes,

die Zangen sehen gut aus.

Ich mache mir meine auch aus Federstahl (bei gleicher Stabilität weniger Gewicht)

Peter----------------hoffentlich zeigst Du noch mehr

and for our american friends :) :

Hello Hannes,

the tongs looks great

I make my tongs also from spring steel (the same stability by a fewer weight)

Peter----------------hope to see more from you

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