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I Forge Iron

Egyptian wrought iron railing up-cycle to a patio bar

David Kailey

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This is another up-cycle project. Starting with a piece of wrought iron from the early 1900's that was shipped from Egypt to the US in the 80's. The top is an up-cycled piece of oak from a shelf behind a bar.
So I am converting it in to a patio bar.
I have cut the ends and bent them at a 60 degree angles and started to add some iron for the foot bar and to get the bar top at the correct height. I will add some detail work to fill the gap from the bottom of the bar top and the top of the railing. I will continue to add photos as I build it.


The railing is wonderful, no welding on it at all, 100% rivet. Well until now. lol


You can follow this project on my website.





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Ok, so who is the bint in the first picture  :)

Ok, so to those that don't know 'bin' as in bin laden means son of laden, thus bint means daughter of ?!

And so David what I actually meant was how come you get some young lady to hold the railing(that looks like a decent chunk of wrought iron) and you hold the camera ?



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