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Lashing A Blade To A Handle

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I've been doing some adze research and have seen quite a few examples where the adze blade is simply lashed to a handle. Does anyone have any idea how to properly do this? Below is an example of what I'm talking about:

Pic of blades lashed to handles.

As Thomas says wet rawhide works well for lashing though sinew is maybe more often used. Alaskan natives and many others use glue as well. Hide and sinew glues have been around a LONG time. Otsie the Ice man; a bronze age man found frozen in the Alps between Italy and Switzerland had several hafted tools attached with raw hide and hide glue.

In other circumstances pitch or asphalt was used. Egg and milk glues are less common as they're not as strong and stable in high humidity conditions.

A local butcher shop will give or sell (cheap) tendons, etc. Hide, hooves, tendons, bones or other tissues containing collogen; boil down to make "hide" glue. Once it's biled to a thick broth you then evaporate it till it's a thick goop. It's extremely strong and durable but you need to melt it to use it.

And I'll bet you thought HOT glue was something new. ;)

Okay, so I should've done the search before I sent the original message off. Anyway here's a couple links for making hide glue and attaching tool handles, shafts, etc. A quick Google search will net you more info than you need or want. I'd follow the directions on this site myself as (s)he seems to have a good idea of what's going on. Hide Glue Production


Troubled Times: Hides

Earth Connection Product 2 (If you want to take a class)

A Note on Indian Bow Making or the Secrets of Sinew Revealed (arguments for using sinew for lashings)

Urban Resources for Your Primitive Technology and Modern Projects (Interesting site and discusses using commercial gelatin "Knox" to make hide glue. I don't know how well this will work as modern gelatins are made from fruit pectin rather than animal collogen)

Glue FAQ (add salt to keep it liquid at room temp but lose some properties)

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