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I Forge Iron

My first forge


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Looks a lot like the first generation of my forge.


I agree with ThorsHammer - make the tuyere longer.  Also, I cut a hole in the bottom of a soup can that slipped over the tuyere and the nozzle on the hair dryer.  Only seconds to set up and take down, and you don't have to fuss with tape (if that's what you used.  I'm not 100% sure from the pic).


I used the angle iron from a bedframe or two that I got for free from Craigslist to make a forge table.  You could also make a stand for the firepot out of the same stuff if you like.  I made my forge in two pieces (table and pot) so that I could move it around easily.  If you don't weld (I don't), it's pretty easy to drill a few holes and bolt it together. 

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Instead of raising your anvil and forge, why not go with the Eastern route and keep it low. All you have to do is sit down on a comfy stool and your anvil will be at a great height.  There are tons of videos on the net showing third-world smiths doing great work while sitting and squatting!


Stand your track anvil on end, secured to a 4x4 that's buried a bit, and you'll have a stable, relatively quiet anvil that's as good as you can ask for.  And it will be more efficient!

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