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Hay Budden 145lb Anvil Info?

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Hi I own a scrap yard and have recently came across a Hay Budden Anvil made in Brooklyn NY thats in very nice shape. It has a 145 under the name. Just looking to find some more information out about it. The year range these were built, how common they are and a value. I live about 60 miles west of Chicago and am looking to sell it. I don't see these very often and the last one I sold for $30. I about puked when someone told me what they can be worth haha. Any information is appreciated. Thank You

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In that area US$2-3 a pound is common depending on condition.  (If someone has ground or milled the face of it; drop that by 1/2 or more! Welding on it also drops the price...)


The serial number can be correlated with a date using "Anvils in America" by Richard Postman. 

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Craigslist is usually a good way to sell anvils as it serves the local area and anvils tend to be a pain to ship.


Right now a lot of people near you will be going to Quad-State Blacksmiths Round-Up in Troy OH where there will be over 100 anvils for sale; really ,I know a fellow who bought 30 his first time there!

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