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Repost : Honor Blade Project for Brother

Robert Yates

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For a Blade I am Making for "Boomer" my Brother that just Passed away. Dad is a Retired SSG from the US Army and has made a request of me to make a Knife in Honor of his service in the Military and for him .

I am Not ashamed I will Seek help from my fellow Members here to help me with this project, I can carve in Bone very well as well as Fit and Finish. However, I will be seeking help to pull this off to Honor my brother as well my Mom and Dad to make a blade and Sheath worthy of the
Honor of my brother's Service in the Military and his Very Young Life. 


As this project comes together I will let you know more I hope to get things rolling very soon depending on the Help I can get with it . His Unit is going to have a Memorial Stone placed at the unit location here in the next month or so I hope to have it completed before /By then .


 I have a 1 1/4 Thick X1 1/4 Thick X 8 inch Billet made .(If Needed it will need to be Hammered into a Usable Billet/Blade) Use is Not required.


I am looking to make a Bowie style Coffin Handle. So the
blade can be engraved with Boomers full name, Military Service Emblem, and


If there a few Bladesmiths (Junior smiths, M.S.,Welcome)  Leather Sheath Makers, and Engravers that can help me out please post here & /or pm me as to what you can do to help me out .


Thank you and Best Regards




Gold Smithy = for meteorite pieces ½ in in size

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sam its a lovely idea - i know nothing in any way to help you with the project, but im sending good luck, and because it means so much, it will have the best of you in it, and will undoubtedly honour your young brother. 


sam - remember the other advice - hope you tried it :)!!

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Honor Blade Project


list of Project workers are as follows with more to be added as they are confirmed .


Geoff Keyes = Forge and Blade

(with other Billets for Military Unit Projects I.E. Wounded Warrior Project, Enlisted (NCO)  Association, Officers Association , and others TBA=to be announced  )


Ron Hoy’s = Engraving


Samuel Cro = Handles & Carving


Gold Smithy = for meteorite pieces ½ in in size


Please PM me with your Addresses so I can have them for this Project.


Thank You and Best Regards & Blessings to you and your Family



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