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6-Six coal miners trapped in Utah mine collapse


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OK, guys we need more knee mail. I live about a hour and a half drive from these people the latest report dosn't look good the camera that was lowered today did not find them. The air dosn't have enough O2 to sustain life. But there is still HOPE!!. One pic on the internet showes picture of ventilating fan, (which I used to build) shut down. BTW that is one of my fans. There is not enough incomeing air to operate it.:( This really upset me to see this.


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I sure understand your concern. I also live about 1 1/2 hrs from the mine in question. Out here that makes you a neighbor.
I have friends who live in that area and work in the mines. My wife and my self travel over that way (Price) about three times a month.
The area we are talking about is dependent on the mines to make a living which would not be my cup of tea.
As of this writing (8-12-07 at 2:30 pm), from what the latest reports say, it will be a miracle if they survived in some forum or fashion.
When events like this occurs this close to home, I seem to make a quick inventory of the positive things I have in my life.
It looks as if prayers and hard work by the rescue miners are the only hope at this time.
Be safe!
Old Rusty Ted

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One of the worst possible scenarios happened last night, as I am sure you are now aware of. Rescuers were turned into victims last night with 3 recuers killed and 6 injured.
We must now redouble our efforts for those still trapped and send condolences to those killed and support to those, and their families, who were injured.
I do not like to be a pessimist but you have to face reality. But, it is looking less likely that there could be a fully successful rescue.
A very disheartening situation.


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