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how to make a rivet?

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alright here's my first post, lol
i been told it's a good habit to ask questions, so, here's my question, how do you make those rivets that attaches the wooden handle onto the tang?
i've made knives with metal handles and handles wrapped by strings, but for my newly finished piece, i wish to give it a wooden handle... but i dont know how to make rivets.... T.T

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for most knives, the rivets aren't actually rivets, they are just pins. What I mean is that the "rivet" isn't actually riveted, it is just epoxied into a hole of it's diameter; no hammering involved. To keep them from simply falling out or coming loose too easy, grind or file a spiral groove in the middle of the pin for glue to stick better. These grind lines won't be seen as they will be on the part of the pin that is inside the handle. Actually riveting a pin into a knife is dangerous because you take a huge risk of cracking the handle and it will usually warp the pin, causing an unsightly gap in the pin hole and pin itself.

Knife Making Supplies I know has some good pin stock with drill bits of the same size, but if you can find a better price elsewhere go for it! :)

I'm glad you're asking about how to do handles; afterall they are half of what makes a knife look good! Knives have lots of subtleties and when you can pinpoint them you'll get a great end product.

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Julian has given a very good explanation on how we pin handles. Some guys do like to peen them, I for one just epoxy them. I would have a fit if I cracked a piece of expensive stag. the best place to get pin stock is a welding supply shop. You can get all kinds of brazing and tig rods for pin stock like nickel silver, brass, stainless steel, mild steel, and others.

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