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I Forge Iron

Hi from Minnesota

Ethan B

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Hello everyone! I've been thinking of starting blacksmithing as a hobby and finally decided to start. I Hope to get a forge put together this weekend with spare stuff. Does any one have any experience blacksmithing in a town? I have access to some rural land through family but only get out there 4 or 5 times a year and would like to fire up a forge more often than that.

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I'm just to the south of Minneapolis a bit in Richfield.  I wanted to know if anyone had any problems with restrictions on fires as Richfield has fairly specific laws about fires. 


I looked at the Guild of metalsmiths.  I work on Wednesday evenings so the meetings could be tough to get to but the chance to meet other smiths in the area would be great so I'll see what I can do.

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Work with other blacksmiths and see how they are set up. 


Set up your area to be overly safe when it comes to fires. Use a water hose to wet down a wide area around the forge, keep a 25-30 gallon container full of water beside the forge as well as a pressurized water hose. Add a fire extinguisher as another level of safety against fire. 


Wear personal protection equipment, safety glasses, face shield, ear protection cotton clothing, leather apron and leather shoes, have welding gloves handy to pick up hot things, etc. If the authorities do visit, then you have gone out of your way to be safe and they will notice.


Make things for the neighbors and get them on your side. Give them things you have made. Ask them about any shift workers, small children, etc, and work around those times when they need quite space or time.


Others may have additional suggestions, and it may not even be an issue once you get started.

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...if anyone from Minnesota is interested, I have a lead on a short railing job. I'd LOVE to do it myself, but I was just approached when I was visiting last week, and they'd like it done (& installed) before I'll be back up to visit this Fall. Anyone have some free time?

It's for a neighbor of my uncle in Marine on St Croix.

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