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  1. Thanks for IDing my anvil John. I looked around some but the lack of any remaining markings other than the "7" on the front foot under the horn had me stumped. The cylinder is at least as useful as the Badger. The large hole in the center works great with a ball pein hammer to curve sheet metal. The bottom end also has various sized holes drilled into it for checking diameters and making shoulders while forging.
  2. Finally getting around to posting pictures of my current and "spare" anvil (I'm not sure its possible to have a spare anvil). The steel cylinder was out of the junk pile at Dad's work and the other was found by my grandparents out in the South Dakota. Both are in the 70-80 lb range if I remeber correctly. There now that I have contributed a little to the site I dont feel like I am stealing all of the information from this site.
  3. I was thinking of using the mild steel I have. Is working with stainless similar? If so I'll see about digging up some of that to use.
  4. I was wondering if anyone had ideas for coating cups, mugs, and wine glasses made of metal that wont affect the taste of the drink. I was thinking of a bees wax coating but I wasn't sure if you would be able to taste it. Thanks
  5. Has anyone used pet coke from the Pine Bend Refinery? I was wondering what it was like and if it was possible to get from them in quantities small enough for me to be able to store (roughly 50 gal.) or if it was all being shipped out to China ect.
  6. I'm just to the south of Minneapolis a bit in Richfield. I wanted to know if anyone had any problems with restrictions on fires as Richfield has fairly specific laws about fires. I looked at the Guild of metalsmiths. I work on Wednesday evenings so the meetings could be tough to get to but the chance to meet other smiths in the area would be great so I'll see what I can do.
  7. Hello everyone! I've been thinking of starting blacksmithing as a hobby and finally decided to start. I Hope to get a forge put together this weekend with spare stuff. Does any one have any experience blacksmithing in a town? I have access to some rural land through family but only get out there 4 or 5 times a year and would like to fire up a forge more often than that.