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I Forge Iron

Owen Bush, about the Executioners blade, or selective hearing


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Multitasking last night (tv,pc,work,laundry,book) and the tube is squawking about the tower of London. Don't know what was on before but the TV was unattended. 


"Blah, Blah, Blah, ......and we've actually found a blacksmith, Owen Bush, to tell us more about the executioners blade."


I can be rather "zoned out" at times but I'm pretty sure I heard that from another room. 


The subconscious smith takes in all. 


Not enough to hold my attention after the technical stuff was over but interesting none the less. 




Why is it that I can't understand what my wife is saying from 3 ft away but I can hear "blacksmith, forge, anvil, hammer, iron" from behind closed doors and down the block?





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