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I Forge Iron

I bought a Diamondback forge, Blacksmith model.

Black Frog

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Due to close proximity of neighbors, I can't use my coal forge at home.  So I have to use a gas forge.

Of course the question is do you buy new, or make your own?  There's a ton of DIY plans out there, and I looked at a lot of them.


I would have no problem making my own but I know my free time is quite limited, and I realized I would much prefer to spend my free time forging rather than experimenting on a forge.....


So I looked at several gas forges out there and decided on Diamondback.  I was torn between the two burner Metalsmith and the two burner Blacksmith model.  The Metalsmith has the clam-shell frame design where all three doors can open up for a wide open and easily accessible chamber.  The Blacksmith model has three doors as well, but still keeps the corners as part of the structural frame.  I couldn't decide.


At first I thought I wanted the Metalsmith model which would allow some more odd shaped items if needed.  The tradeoff is less gas efficiency on that model.  After talking with Dennis about some of the things I might be doing with it, and my being on the fence about which model, his comments led me to get the Blacksmith model.  For odd shaped items that may not fit in the forge- he mentioned that a few fire bricks and a propane weed burner can work quite well.  What a nice idea to compliment the Blacksmith model.  Propane weed burners can be had for $20 from Horror Freight, I picked one up last week.  Of course I had to immediatly play with it.  With a few fire bricks I had some 1" 5160 glowing nicely fairly quickly.  Plus I have my O/A setup as well, so I think I made the right choice with the Blacksmith model. 


How often am I going to have items that won't fit in this forge?  I dunno just yet.... I guess we'll find out as time progresses.


My Diamondback forge arrived today, and I'll be unpacking it this evening.  I'm quite excited to finally have a forge for home use!

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I fired it up last night for the first time connected to my 100# propane tank.

Doesn't take a lot of psi to get metal nicely orange, 3-4psi might be all I need for forging....  

So far I like what I see.  Hopefully this weekend I'll get to actually do some things with it.

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He can be hard to get a hold of by email it took me a couple of weeks of repeated emails before I got a response. Mine didn't bounce I just got no reply, when I did get a response he said he had been having email issues and he responded quickly to my subsequent emails. I placed and order on line and received it exactly when I expected to based on it being shipped the next day so he ships promptly. I never tried calling, you might try that.



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