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How can i make this GATE ?

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2day i received by email a price request for making the gate that i'll attach the picture ...it will be 7 meters tall and 8 wide.Fabricating the gate is no problem but the top golden part is ...1st because i don't even know what that is made of i think carved wood...not wanting to sound silly but forging that desighn ...oh my does anybody do that ?is that casted ? how can i do that and how much to charge...or maybe not do it ...and let somebody else do that nice gate :)



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The top was made either of two ways depending on time/place/craftsmen: 1. it was forged, repouse'd, chased; or 2. it was cast by highly skilled founders using top notch materials. Either way it would then be cleaned, prepped and gilded---using real gold leaf.

My basic take on this is: if you have to ask how---don't bid on it! Can you make a bid to just do the gates and have them let the cresting out to someone else? (don't forget to add the weight of the cresting into the engineering of the foundation!) Do you have the equipment/skills to move/install multi tonn assemblies?

BTW check up on the gates of Tijou for examples of such stuff forged.


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Off.... I can install multi tone assembels.The gate is no problem to make or install but the golden top ...hmm i am considering forging it.Considering i started from 0 with no forging experience 2 years ago when i finished computer sience Learned everything on the way i think maybe i can learn this to...wonder how long it will take 2 forge this and where am i going to get the gold from :)

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