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I Forge Iron

Anvils at the Nebraska State Capitol

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I work as an architect at the Nebraska State Capitol but also have an interest in anvils and old iron.  The Capitol is filled with architectural sculpture and decorative art surrounding the twin themes of the history of law and the history of Nebraka as a place.  I thought it would be find to try to find as many depictions of anvils at the building as I could, so here is the list of what I've found so far:


Exterior. Carved in limestone at the northeast corner of the East Pavilion:



Interior.  Carved in limestone above the fireplace mantel in the Governor's Reception Room:



Interior.  Carved in limestone on one of the Foyer pilasters:



Interior.  Polychrome glazed tile near the Foyer ceiling:



Interior.  Carved in marble (and repeated five times) around the door frame of the Supreme Court chamber:



And although this really isn't part of the architecture, the Nebraska State seal prominently features a blacksmith working on his anvil:



Keep your eyes open in the places where you live and work.  I think you'll be surprised just how many "anvils" are out there in plain sight!

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Greetings Copilot,


Thanx for sharing... Its cool....   I wonder why all the anvils look like Vulcans.....   The one with the horn near his horn is a little touchy but he has a striker available with a large knife for surgery.  


Thanx again    Jim

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