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Good afternoon from Detroit

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Hello all!

Im Korben, i hail from the metro Detroit area.  I am a local artist primaraly oil paint and sculpture.  My attention has been drawn to this forum due to conent and community activity.  My main metal interest include investment casting and forging.  I hope to contribute my projects and processes as i go about developing my skills.  If you want to share information or live in the area and want learn me something i have the passion and energy to absorb it so feel free to contact me.

thanks - Korben

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Welcome aboard Korben, glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in your header you may be surprised by how many IFI folk live within visiting distance.


A multi medial artist, cool, join the crowd. Most of us work in more than one medium if no more than as ajuncts to the forgings. For instance your jugs would look nice on iron stands. Hmmmm?


Pics, we LOVE pics. We also love good questions, it really helps you examine your own techniques, thinking, etc. to try explaining it to another. I often learn as much or more from a student.


Frosty the Lucky.

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Greetings Korben,


I spent 65 years in Oakland County  ( Royal Oak )  I operated a blacksmith shop for the last 15 years and now live in the north country.  If you get a chance look into a tour at The Cranbrook Metal arts program...  ( right down your alley.)   If you go look at the sign at Christ Church and the Rectory gates... Yep I made them.. Right across from the Yellen gates at the entry...  Also look into Michigan Artist Blacksmith Asoc.  We are a bunch of great people and have some neet things in the schedule.... MIblacksmiths.org


I wish you well and welcome



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