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Gas Forge Stand - Cinderblock?


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So I got the 2 burner economy model gas forge. It's about 14 inches long.


I was thinking of putting together a stand made of cinderblock or some type of sturdy brick. The "stand" would actually be a cube made out of 27 pieces of cinderblock, and I was just gonna put the gas forge on top of that.


My only concern is the heat emanating from the bottom of the gasforge. Will the heat mess up the cinderblock considerably? Not that I care about the cinderblock being messed up, my only concern is that if the cinderblock begins to break apart, then I risk the gas forge falling.


If the heat will rapidly crack the cinderblock, suppose I topped my "cinderblock cube stand" with firebrick.


Can anyone see any noticeable issues with this?

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i have my 2 burner economy forge from dimondback sitting on a wood bench i made, with some normal bricks under it and behind it when I dont need to put a long piece in it and it works fine haven't burnt up the table at all unless I drop hot steel on it  :blink: 3624_10201005497718534_1820113229_n.jpg

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I removed the grill stuff from a gas grill stand and bolted a piece of 1/8" plate where it used to be and mounted my propane forge to it.  (two bolts with wingnuts on the back feet)  You can roll it around the shop and it even carries it's propane tank with it.

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Yeah ThomasPowers, I've read that as quite a popular choice for a easily made gas forge stand.

I went ahead and bought 6 cinderblocks. Two cinderblocks served as the base, with two more stacked on the base, and two more stacked on the middle. It's pretty sturdy, as long as someone doesn't lean on it lol.

I put the gas forge on top of that, and I was smithing today, no problems at all.

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