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I Forge Iron

For flowers to climb upon.

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A nice little commission.


A garden structure for flowers to climb on.




The garden business (climbers like this one, plant holders, braces, etc.) has room for blacksmiths. When we look at the prices asked, we can almost compete price wise. At least we have arguments for the value of what we forge. 

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Simple construction & sound techniques, a good design.


Of course I don't know where it will be placed - i.e. what buildings or structures will be near it - but, unless I had a good reason not to, I'd use more curved lines (organic?) for something that will be in close contact with plants.


Not saying won't 'borrow' the idea though...

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but, unless I had a good reason not to, I'd use more curved lines (organic?) for something that will be in close contact with plants.


Ah but there is a good reason! I think ...


To make  it short : my woodworking life brought me in contact with the Greene brothers, the architects of Passadena, the authors of the Gamble House (Google this) amongst others (see http://www.usc.edu/dept/architecture/greeneandgreene/).


They have and I from them in my wood work, used extensively what the Chinese called the "Cloud Lift".


In my forging life, I attempt to replace the scroll effect with the cloud lift effect. This plant support comes from such an effort.


This effort is also visible in this grill I am forging for another commission :




You might be right about the desirability of "organic" curves. And I tend to agree intellectually with you. However I wish to explore the use of the cloud lift effect in forging.  For me it is a way of trying to see what it means to step away from tradition in designing forged objects. I spend a lot of time in traditional design and enjoy every moment of it. I feel I also have to research what it would mean to step away from the accepted design.


I dont know if all this makes sense other than to say that I always admired the cloud lift and would like to see it in forgings.


And I thank you for the comment which, as usual, gets me thinking.

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Good point, I hadn't thought about the cloud lift - particularly daft of me since I've just been exposed to it left, right and centre in Japan... that said, it is interesting to note that the Japanese have (unsurprisingly) altered it to their own taste with a slight, very slight, softening of the angles.

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