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Newbie Question

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Hi guys,


   I'm new to the craft and I'm trying to get the basics together: Hammer, Forge, Anvil, Tongs. I found myself a nice cross pein hammer. I'm building a forge out of some 55 gallon steel drums. I have a set of channel lock pliers I intend to use until I can craft some tongs of my own...


All that's left is my Anvil. I'm trying to find something that will work. A buddy of mine has mentioned that he has an old weight bench and some weights. I'm wondering how a 45 lbs. plate secured to a frame made of 2x12's screwed together would work.


Would this work with a single plate? Multiples? Is it even viable at all?

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I dont know about the weight, i cant picture what you mean but it sounds more hassle than is needed. My first anvil was a chunk of RSJ - I got an offcut for free from the local steel supplier. I'd suggest that to you though i'd also suggest dampening it down a little as they ring quite loud.

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           Best get some help from the the boys on this forum...  First show us your plans for your forge.....  I agree with John .. Contact your local group... I'm sure you will get alot of help....    If your in a rush you can get a railroad track section on ebay for 50 bucks....   Your idea of a plate on a board stinks ..  All it would accomplish is a dull thud....  Take your time or you will just get frustrated...



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I would also assume the free weights to be cast Iron.


Also, if you hold out for a few weeks, the Southern Blacksmith Association is having a conference @ Madison,GA in mid May>>  http://www.sbaconference.com/ ... There will be a full day dedicated to the swap-meet... I will be there with a few anvils and vises, as I'm sure a few others will have some equipment also.

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