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Yet another hammer.. Champion #0

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Greetings All,
I tried to post this in It followed me home and it did not work...   I answered and add for an anvil and after I bought it the seller sent me an E-mail of a friend that had a power hammer for sale...  I don't need yet another hammer BUTTTTT I just could not pass this up...    Yep fire up the truck and off to blacksmiths pickers...  It looks to be a great hammer with little wear.. It has not been run in 45 years...
Lucky Jim

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Greetings Doc,


Its a mistery..  It had a dirve clutch off a reversing unit for a lathe...  It could not have worked... All I can think of is this unit was shipped with a long shaft for the customer to drive it a will.....  Its original the shaft has not been changed....   Still doing research.....  Shaft bearings are like new..  From what I see its design is a pulley between the webs but no signs of a lock down on the shaft....    I got it on April 1 and I'm fooled about the pulley..



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The #0 champion is the best. Ive run 7 different Champions and rebuilt 4. I would take a #0 over a #1 anyday even though its smaller it is a better hammer. The clutch and flywheels are just right on a #0.
That one is missing a pulley mounted between the two bearings. The diameter of the pulley should be the same diameter as the flywheel. Smaller and it wont pick up right.
They were available from the factory as a #0 or a #0e. The #0E had the extended shaft out the back for a 18" diameter pulley down to an electric motor, 800 rpm with a 3" pulley.
The arm on yours is setup for the lime shaft version. These hammers run WAY better in the line shaft configuration. The clutch is much more natural in the line shaft version.
Tension on the ram arms is crucial to a good blow, as is the pitman arm adjustment.
i will post a picture soon of my #0 running with the line shaft setup. Ive had my #0 for 14 years and ive run it at least 5000 hours.
A #0 is a 35 lb. Hammer and it will outwork a 50 little giant any day of the week.

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Greetings Harris,


Boy thank you thank you for all the valuable info......  I retired from my blacksmith shop a few years ago and did alot of the same type of work as you..

I put my whole story on what got you into blacksmithing....  All I have in hammers now are a KA75 and a LG 25..  I passed my Big Blue on to my apprentist.  By the data that you povided the hammer should run at 133 rpms..????  .   My next question is the dies..  Are the set a a 45 or are they straight like yours...  


Thanx again  I owe you a bunch     Jim

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Jim, sorry for the photo quality, a #0, runs at 400 rpms. I think I posted the sizes of my pulley setup in the Champion Hammers thread.

Funny thing is, my hammer came with the same dies as that one. I made the straight dies you see, because I like working off the side of the hammer. I use crowned dies so I can draw from the sides and spread when I work off the front.

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The original dies were straight with swedge groves in the front for sizing round stock. The design and patten was created to handle a wagon rim. Here is a older thread there is a bunch of information on the hammer that will be helpful http://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/10351-champion-blower-and-forge-power-hammer/?hl=champion

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Hi guys

it is possible to get informations about the dies size you have on you champion forge #0 ?

also, if you have PDF or picture to share, my email adress jeremy_pell@hotmail.com


i just bought a champion #0 and want to find lot of info and spec on that machine


thanks a lots!

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