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Hoping to rebuild a Champion Blower


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I recently picked up a champion blower that Dad had laying in a corner.  All but 2 balls are gone from it and the tabbed washerlocknut and tapered bearing seat are missing from the one side,  I assume.  If I can find a tap 1/2-24NS  I 'm pretty sure I can make a taper and a nut.  Does anyone have pics of what I may be missing in there?  The number of balls per bearing and maybe a little more info on what this blower is.  The spiral gear needs a little dressingand the one end of the shaft is a little dimpled from bearing damage nothing that can't be smoothed out.





Pulled it a part and found a set screw rolling around in the bottom,  was from the lower gear set.  One disaster avoided. 



Thanks for the Help Guys


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I have one of those I found in a storage container my wife and I inherited from her Grandfather. I haven't taken mine apart as it turns very easily doesn't clank or seem to grind and puts out a boot-load of air. It's missing the bracket piece that goes on the back-side of the pipe it attaches to and the handle isn't original. So in the end, I can't help with info on rebuilding... just neat that I have finally found someone with the same style one. None of the others I have seen online mount that way. I'm sure they're out there, I just haven't seen them.

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So I had found a set of cones, washers, and jam nuts on Ebay but didn't manage to get them.  Ordered a tap and die ,  it missed the bus so could only do so much today.  Started turning a cone on my lathe.  seems to be looking good so far. 



Did a little wire wheeling on the various blower bits.  Found a stamped number up on top  849 I believe  would assume this might be  a serial number.



Better picture of the clamp  that holds it to a pipe



Looked a little closer at the handle.  It looks to be bent in 2 planes.  may have to warm it up and adjust a little. Not to sure just how much bend its supoosed to have though




So once the tap shows up I might have some good progress.  Found some 1/4" slingshot ammo that should make passable bearings.


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I have a possible line on some loose bearings from a nearby machine shop that supplies our shop.  Don't know just how cheap those bearings from mcmaster would be by the time duty exchange and shipping is all added in to get it up to me.  But you are quite right about using the right balls.  The ones I have will at least get me started and are easy to change out down the road,  alot depends on how well the cone turns out. If it's nfg then wouldn't matter if the balls were made from unobtanium  :rolleyes:

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Tap and die finally showed up.  Theaded the bore  and parted off the cone and nut.

Filing the flats on the jam nut



Cone with one end to face still



Nearly done,  have to make a washer up for it and dress the ends of the gears just a little to take off the burrs. 



Ended up witha few pits in the shaft where the balls are to ride after a few genttle touches of a  file.  May have to build them up depending on how smooth everything runs on a  test fit.  Pretty pleased with it so far.

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Mostly back together again few final touchs. May have to tweak the bearings a little.  The fan blade needs moved just a touch further in so it doesn't rub on the outer case when the halves are tightened together.  It makes a turn and a half after you let go,  not the smoothest but it is working.  Feels good to have it making air. The pits on the shaft didn't matter after all,  nothing rides there.  For the tabbed washer  I turned the out side of a  washer down and carefully put a dab  of weld on an inner edge a  bit of filing and voila!  

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seriously.............?? You refaced the cones in a lathe?


I took mine to a machine shop and after a week's time I went back and was informed that they are made harder than glass and nothing could be done to them.


I have some with light pitting. Was hoping to dress them, but not. If you can get a set of them that are clean/with new balls these really are silent in operation, just like the ads of old state. I have a super clean/like NEW 400 that is true and would be happy to sell it for 800.00, but now that I see one really can dress the cones, it probably isn't worth 200.00 any more.

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