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Hello from New York


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Salutations, new found family. My name is Rohn, I am 26, and I've recently become obsessed with the idea of becoming a blacksmith. I've always been an artist, mostly contained within two dimension, however, I have had some experience with similar crafts. Just over a decade ago, I was semi-apprenticed to a neighbor that repaired, built, and altered swords, axes, and other historical weaponry. He also knew how to use these weapons and passed some of that onto me. I never forged blades or anything for that matter, I would only replace and mix and match hilts, pommels, and crossbars. If I ever did any blade work, it was simply cut from sheet steel with an angle grinder. I know now that this was no way to be bladesmithing. My new endeavors are quite a bit more practical. While I would someday like to forge a blade the proper way, I think I'd like to start out actually learning and perfecting all of the techniques of metal manipulation that I can. That is what has brought me here, to a community of people all over the world that share the same passion that I am so eager to delve into. I reside in Upstate New York and as far as I know, I am the only person in my small town who's got any interest in this. I bring this up because with some of my aspirations in a craft, when like minded people are within close quarters, they conflict with each other instead of collaborating, in fear of the other person stepping on their toes or driving them out of work. (I have aspired to be a tattoo artist and most don't like to share their knowledge or offer apprenticeship) So that is why I am grateful to have a place to come to collaborate with all of you on ideas, techniques, critiquing, resourcing, and just all around enjoyment of the craft. I believe I'm rambling now. Very excited to be starting this venture and I look forward to talking to you all.


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As to blacksmithing

Welcome to IForgeIron. Read the site from beginning to end and it will answer most of your questions, and show you how to get started and progress in the craft.

Start here   


Finding a Blacksmithing Group near you

A blacksmithing group will jump start your knowledge more than anything else you can do.


What do you need to get started in Blacksmithing?



As to bladesmithing

Welcome to iforgeiron. Start here in the bladesmithing section, 


Knife Making Classes

This should get you started on making blades.

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Thanks Glenn. I have been browsing the forums all night and yesterday night as well so I have read all of the introductions and site rules as well as narrowed down how I want to set up my little shop. I've also checked out some of the Blacksmithing groups here in NY and I think I'm going to go to a meet in April. I'm very excited for that.

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