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Reiss and Upper Lakes coal in Green Bay


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I'm almost out of coal, and a friend told me I can get more in Green Bay, and offered to take me in his truck.  The only two coal suppliers I've found in Green Bay are Reiss and Upper Lakes Coal, but neither of them have websites.  Has anyone used either of them for coal?  If so, how does in perform?  I may be going to Flint soon and can get some Pocahantas coal, but Green Bay would be sooner. 

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I wouldn't be surprised that a coal mine doesn't have a web-site. They don't want lots of people hanging around when they are moving product.


Open the old fashion thing called a 'Phone Book', be inquisitive, phone and ask :) :)  There is lots of coal in B.C. but they ship it overseas. Head office is in Calgary to pick-up coal in Vancouver. Go Figure. Slightly longer drive for you though:>LOL



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Thanks, gents.  I certainly plan on calling them, too, to double check price and such before a four-hour drive.  I was just wondering if there was anyone who had used it who could comment on the quality first-hand.  I've been out of the game for several years now, and am working on getting my shop running again.

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