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Tong jig


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The problem that I see is that you are creating a sharp edge that will migrate into a crack!!!


Take a piece of 3/8" round, bend it in a u-shape so your spread is the distance you want apart. Use it to make your two notches on the flat of the anvil. when you are bending the tong pieces near the hinge/jaw area, put the u-piece in the vise with the two tails sticking up. It will allow you to bend as well.


Just a thought, I don't know what kind of tongs you are thinking of. B)



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I chisel whatever notches I need into the jaws as the first step of making a pair of tongs.  That allows me to put the notches exactly where I want, and it is much easier to do it at the beginning of the process than it is at the end.  Once my tongs are riveted, I'll heat up the jaws and grab a piece of square stock on the diagonal, then hammer on top of the jaws to refine the notches and create a perfect hold on the stock.

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