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Anvil Bath Day :)

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Well, today (after many calls and some waiting) resulted in ANOTHER anvil coming home with me (an possibly 1-2 more once I get another call to help dig through an old barn).


So once I got back, I decided it was bath time....for the anvils. Wirewheel chucked up in my air drill and much time later....all my anvils were "cleanish" while my shirt, pants, face, and facecloth were ORANGE...the final part of the bath was a hosing and wipe down with Gibbs Brand Lubricant. I had less time with the biggest (last) anvil I worked on as my air compressor was getting tired of constant running and I shut it down to rest.


I know you all want pictures, but first Ill describe what you will see.... :P


NEWBIE: Hay Budden 1 0 0 (112lb) in pretty nice shape. under $2/lb too serial....idk maybe someone else can read it.


Also (oldies), Peter Wright 0 3 13 (97lb), ??? (Mousehole suggested) 1 0 20 (132lb...weighed 128) with a chunk out of the back, Hills (Brooks from what I'm told) Birmingham 1 1 27 (167lb...weighed 163) with a broken foot, chunk of steel (125lb) 8inDiameterx10in height, and ASO from my bench top. Overall average under $2/lb but paid the most for the PW/lb as I bought other stuff and may have given a little much overall.


first up...shirt and cloth for my nose


next HB (top) and PW


HB serial


HB closeup


Mousehole? (left) and Hills (Brooks? right)


The whole family

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working on it...now if I actually use them :( got the stuff just need to line the forge, get piping to hookup blower (possibly borrow welder), and finally beat on some metal for the first time in YEARS. At least Im learning about anvils and slowing working toward what I want (A BIG ONE...cheap). Plus making connections is always good too...hense the barn cleanout someday :)

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yeah table needs trashed. I have 2 trees to cut down so I can mount more of these when it gets a little warmer. you can kinda see various of my wife's old furniture that needs to be given away or sold. Also want to get some garage floor coating stuff when the furniture is gone. You know how it is....house is a continual project.

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The fact that one of your anvils doesn't have a pritchel hole makes leads me to believe that would be a very old anvil.  There's others on this site who know more accurately what age it might be judging by that feature, but I would guess nearly a couple centuries old.  It's pretty cool to know it's still around and in service.

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