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Question about installing a vise.


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most of my vices (all of my leg vices and most of my bench ones too) are mounted on tree stumps, some where the tree stood and others on stumps planted in the ground. You need good sized bolts though, since its going into end grain it is easier to pull loose.

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My first temperary vice stand was actually a stump and another log.  It worked although not nearly as well as what I have now.Its a way to start with limited fabrication ability.    Let me see if I can find a picture of it. . .





ahh there it is.  It worked.  If it was barried a couple feet into an earth footing it would have worked better but as you can see I had no where to do that.  It also needed a band to hold the leg of the vice to it for more stability.  But it gave me something to work with for the beggining.  Hope this helps :D

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If the tree stump you speak of is not still in the ground or,cannot be dug in and secured with concrete or tightly packed soil i would strongly reccomend attatching a platform to your stump to stand on for two reasons 1. your body will help anchor your vise for hammering. 2.if you are standing on the platform the vise is attatched to you cannot move it during bending or twisting operations. Hope this helps

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