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Champion table top drill press

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I found the drill press today. The asking price is $110 .. I made a offer of 80.00 and im waiting to hear back from him. I can see there are some pieces missing but im not totally sure to what extent. But i figured i could find or make them. Is $110 a good price for this drill and also would any of you happen to know the year. The closest thing to a model # i could find at the time is 0.50 ..or maybe that is just 1/2 inch im not sure... Sorry for the poor pic quality, i took it with my phone in a dark antique store. Any help would be great. Thanks


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That is a neat old style of camelback drill press, it would have run flat belts and looks to have been converted to lineshaft use at one time.


Its missing a few parts, notably the idler pulleys, which were probably taken off when it was switched to running on lineshaft.


These date from the late 19th century up till about 1920's or so, I think


Here's a link to the Old WoodWorking Machines page that shows that particular drill press




and another




I've got a similar one made buy Burke that I've been trying to get running for a while.


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