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Hanging Basket Wall Bracket/Shelf Support


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This project developed out of playing with a new scrolling jig I picked up tailgaiting at a BAM meeting.  After doing a number of scrolls I decided to do something useful with them and came up with this hanging basket wall bracket.  The first one turned out so well everyone who saw it told me to make a matching one and use the pair as a shelf support.  Since I have a brother who does cabinet making who can do a nice shelf, I completed the second bracket.  A word of advice; when making pieces to match, forge and fabricate two of everything at the same time.  It's a real pain to complete one and start from scratch to make an identical piece.




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I considered another rivet on the top but it would have required me to countersink the top rivet in order not to get it in the way of the shelf the brakets will support and I did not have a good countersink available at the shop while I was fabricating the brackets.  In any event the scrolls rest against the bottom of the shelf supports and will carry a reasonable weight if the shelf support deflects downward due to any weight on the shelf even without a physical connection from a band or rivet; but you are right, a top rivet would be a better design.

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Nice looking set of shelf brackets and in the process you've learned one of the true lessons about blacksmithing or similar crafts. If you're making more than one do each part in bunches.


Counter sinking for rivets isn't so hard, simply make a counter sink punch, I used my pilot drill to to drill the correct angle hole and drove the hot punch blank into the hole. Sure there was a little extra sticking off the end but a few seconds on the grinder and all was well.


Counter sink punch part way through before punching the hole and it's darned easy.


For your current situation simply use a nail and put the flat head where the shelf board will lay, it won't cause a problem if you put a small dollop of silicone calk down first. Wax the contact section of the board and the calking won't stick so you can remove it if you want. Heck a dime is the right thickness to shim the board so it doesn't shift.


Lots of solutions, be creative and let us know how it goes.


Frosty The Lucky.

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